CCTV Installation Leeds

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CCTV Installation Leeds

The Security Camera Experts for Leeds

If you’re looking for a CCTV installation in Leeds then look no further!
We are the locally-based experts with over three decades experience and can provide systems for your home or business.

All our systems offer app control – View your premises from anywhere, view recordings and receive real-time alerts. Our app will work on any Android or IOS (Apple) device.
All camera systems have security provision at their heart but now they can offer so much more. Using our CCTV app you can view multiple premises, home, work, holiday home etc.

Business owners can use CCTV as a management tool – remotely monitoring staff and visitors, perfect for post Lockdown. You can ensure social-distancing from a distance! Our facial recognition systems can open doors automatically removing the problem of constantly touching door handles. The latest thermal imaging technology can monitor staff and visitor’s temperature and provide Alerts if temperature reaches fever levels.

Whether via your phone, iPad / tablet or PC you can view and manage your premises, in multiple location, with ease.

cctv installation Leeds - app
CCTV App Control

CCTV Installation Leeds

We offer:

  • Insurance Approved Systems
  • Outright Sales
  • 4K Ultra HD Cameras
  • App Control
  • Facial Recognition
  • Video Intercoms
  • Temperature Monitoring

Both commercial and now domestic systems now fall under The Data Protection Act. It is imperative that systems are designed to keep you on the right-side of the law, but you may be surprised to find how many security companies pay no attention to this requirement. Strangely even if designed and installed by someone else you are the one that is legally responsible. For example, your cameras should not view into private areas that are owned by others. This requirement can be difficult to achieve in domestic properties but not for us – Leeds CCTV’s privacy masking handles this easily, digitally blanking out your neighbour’s premises.

All our cameras offer day/night vision giving HD images in colour until the light fades too far then switching automatically to high-definition black and white images. Day / Night cameras ensure you don’t have to spend extra on outside lighting.

When it comes to setting up your app to allow remote viewing, we handle everything – setting up routers, opening ports, permissions etc. All you need to do is click and view.

All our surveys are FREE and without obligation we can now even survey your premises via whatsapp (during Covid-19) if you prefer.

remote surveys
Remote Surveys

Or send us your requirements for an online quotation.

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