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Home CCTV Leeds

For decades a security camera was considered a business security solution but no more. Rapid growth in equipment and decreased pricing saw the domestic CCTV market grow significantly. Today a single camera system can be cheaper than a new T.V.. The quality of domestic camera systems has also increased with HD cameras and cloud-based recording. The quality of image that can be produced couldn’t have been thought of ten years ago.
In this odd year of Covid lots of people have adopted remote viewing apps such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to help keep loved ones connected. However, these apps are typically used to connect at specific times and are not that helpful when wanting to check in on isolated family members – Welcome to the CCTV app. Each of our CCTV systems comes with app connection which allows you to remotely observe multiple areas of the home from your phone, iPad or laptop. These Home security camera App features were created mainly for security reasons but have proved to be a real boon during Lockdown delivering immediate peace-of-mind for those with isolating family. The app is available on Android or Apple and gives remote views of numerous properties all from the same app, whether that’s your property, familiy’s home, workplace or even a second house. You can also receive notifications should movement be detected near your house.
Our HD cameras produce stunning footage and the day / night facility ensures you can see around your house throughout dark hours without the need for costly perimeter lights. Digital recording can be either local or cloud based and all recordings can be viewed via the CCTV app.

Home CCTV Leeds – Here at Leeds CCTV we are specialists in home security systems. We can give an inexpensive yet state-of-the-art solution that’s easy to use. All quotations are free and without obligation and can be arranged at a time to suit you.
We follow all Covid best practice procedures and surveys can be done remotely via Messenger or Whatsapp if you prefer.
Call the Leeds based security professionals for a fast, free quotation right away.


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